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Becoming a Manslayer: Secrets to Exploiting Men

Becoming a Manslayer: Secrets to Exploiting Men

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The Manslayer gets anything she wants when she wants it. Anything from money, men, sex, success, and power. She has a strong influence on men and uses her power to seduce them and get whatever she wants from them.

This "Becoming a Manslayer E-Book" will teach you the following:

✔ How to become an instant manslayer.

✔ Maneater tricks to exploit men and get his money.

✔ How to enchant any man you want.

Learn how to tell if you are being duped by a man.

✔ How to tell if a man truly loves you.


And many more things inside our book!                                                             

Length: 10000+ words & 80+ pages



This ebook contains powerful and persuasive information that will change your mindset to what some consider to be an alpha mindset. The information in this book is intended for those who wish to upgrade their standards and expectations. You should be ready to explore the depths of your personal power. If you're not ready or not willing to do the work, look elsewhere. This book is not for everyone and once you purchase it, please consider who you share it with carefully.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
#1 femme fatale guide

This book is a treasure trove of fascinating subjects that are sure to make you think deeply.

Katie T.

I was impressed by the amount of practical advice in this book. It's definitely worth reading if you want to improve your skills.

Ava S.

This book is absolutely fantastic! I was not expecting it to be such an extensive guide to landing your ideal guy, but it is! The author is brilliant, witty, and hilarious! She makes it so easy to follow all the concepts.

Mia R
This book is amazing

This guide is a must-have for women who want to embrace their inner villain. It's direct and provides comprehensive instructions on how to make any guy obsessed, even exes (and it's been working like a charm with my ex... almost too well, ha!).

Ellie W.
Have been looking for this book!

This book is packed with valuable information that can be applied to any situation. Highly recommend it!