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Elite Femme

The Seductress: Become a Master of Attraction

The Seductress: Become a Master of Attraction

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The Seductress makes her desires come true effortlessly: Money, men, sex, success, beauty, and power. Our seductress book focuses on becoming an attraction magnet, and learning how to make people obsessed. The temptress is a mighty woman who can tempt anyone to do anything, whether it makes them obsessed, or make them attracted to you.

This 'The Seductress: Become a Master of Attraction' will teach you the following:

✓ 16 Strategies on how to make a man obsessed with you

How to get anyone fall in love with you

How to become an attraction magnet

✓ Make anyone desire you with relationship magnetism

And much, much more inside...


Disclaimer: This ebook contains powerful and persuasive information that will change your mindset to what some consider to be an alpha mindset. The information in this book is intended for those who wish to upgrade their standards and expectations. You should be ready to explore the depths of your personal power. If you're not ready or not willing to do the work, look elsewhere. This book is not for everyone and once you purchase it, please consider who you share it with carefully.

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Customer Reviews

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Cecilia K.
#1 Book for divine feminine energy

This love life advice can definitely help you turn things around in your relationship! It's important to take charge and make things happen instead of just waiting for things to happen.

#1 Book for discovering divine feminine energy

It is crucial to assert yourself and proactively make things unfold instead of passively waiting for them to take place.

feeling confident again

Reading this book i thought was very much an empowering experience. I feel a desire to become the ultimate version of myself.

understand the male mind? EASY

Interesting to dive into the intricacies of the male psyche. They really are such simple creatures. And us women, are complex, and able to use this knowledge to our benefit. Ty!


This book offers really good and PRACTICAL tips for any situation. I like that because it allowed me to stay calm and composed. These insights will empower you to attract the man you desire. I am confident it will for me!