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Your Glow Up Break Up E-Book

Your Glow Up Break Up E-Book

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The Your Glow Up Break Up Guide will show you exactly what you need to do after a break up. How to glow up physically, spiritually, and mentally. The new styles, how to boost your confidence and self esteem. 

This "Your Glow Up Break Up Guide" will teach you the following:

✔ Healthy dieting to look better

✔ Why glowing up is important after a break up

✔ How to bounce back and shine

✔ What to do right after a break up

✔ 18 ways to feel better after a break up

The psychology of a breakup glow up


And many more things inside our book! 

Disclaimer: The contents of this e-book is extremely powerful, there is not doubt that it will change your mindset so if you are someone who is not ready to explore their power, look another way. Once you purchase this product, gate-keep it, its not for everyone.

Length: 5000+ words & 40+ pages.

How to use: You can instantly download once you purchase, compatible with all devices, feel free to print only if you wish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
a mans point of view

This book provided me with a new perspective on life, I recommend it. It goes beyond simply manipulating men; it delves into the art of understanding them and harnessing that knowledge to empower yourself and gain an advantage.

Gia T.
Already recommended to all of my friends, and they LOVE it too!!

Love life not going the way you want it? Check out this great advice that can help you practically take steps to improving your love life! And most importantly, take charge of it!

Keep spreading the word queen! the more informed females there are, the more us women can take over the dating scene! We are the prize! never forget this. xx

Autumn R.
Thank you!

I really admire how this book explains every subject in-depth - it makes it really useful!

Meghan C.
View the world from a mans POV

This book allowed me to see life through a different lens and I absolutely recommend it. It's not just about manipulating men, but understanding them and using THAT to your power and advantage

Madeline L.
I thought I was a pro, but, this author is something else! Amazing!

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! It was a step-by-step guide to landing your dream guy, which made it easy to follow and understand all the concepts. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some helpful tips on dating, and I can’t wait to start trying these steps on my next interest!