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What are Pheromones?

The most intense emotions a human can experience are those invoked as a result of interacting with another human, particularly in the realm of romance. It is no secret that sex, love and lust bring out our most intense emotions. By identifying the pheromones most responsible for triggering romance in others, we have formulated a uniquely effective line of fragrance oils. Our elegant elixir fragrances will immediately enhance your desirability, allowing you to make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

It’s a sexy, fruity-flower fragrance for decisive, independent women, who know what they want don’t feel afraid to take it. This particular mix of pheromones is known to make men weak at the knees, right at the palm of your hand. Puts men in a state of hypnotic selflessness, wanting to give and to please the women who is giving off the aroma that puts him in a trance.


  • Androsterone – the most feminine of all pheromones. It raises dominance, assertiveness, and confidence in the other individual, without affecting aggression levels. Therefore, the effects of this chemical tends to create a sexual, erotic, yet safe atmosphere. It is seem and most detectable in calm yet assertive females, otherwise known as the “alpha female”. 
  • Androstadienone – otherwise known as the "Pheromone of love", is a substance that can influence both the moods and emotions in others you encounter. Plenty of research on this pheromone has shown that it can have a profound effect on the way others think and feel, making them more confident, aware, and positive.
  • Copulins – a type of pheromone that is especially attractive to men. In fact, research has shown that copulins can increase men's levels of testosterone by up to 150%. This means that if you want to make a man feel more excited and attracted to you, copulins are the way to go. Not only will he find you more irresistible, but he'll also get a boost of confidence from the increased testosterone.
  • Estratetraenol – a naturally occurring pheromone that is released only by women. Its effects on the opposite gender are particularly strong because it is unfamiliar to them. The only unnoticeable effect of this powerful chemical is its scent, or rather, the lack thereof - as it is completely odorless, even when present in high doses. Despite the lack of smell, this pheromone still manages to activate the human brain in a unique way; men, in particular, have been found to be sensitive to estratetraenol's evocation of sexual interest in any situation. Even small doses of this pheromone can affect one's mood and stimulate sexual desire.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Kat S.
    Yes…. You need to buy this like yesterday

    The effects that I have noticed from this perfume are literally mind blowing

    Katie Mass
    Smells amazing, and I think it’s working!

    I love the smell of this. Also idk if it was just a coincidence, but today my crush totally asked for my number! I was wearing the scent :)))

    An amazing pheromone indeed! So happy our formulations have been working for so many girls now! xx

    What is this magic potion?!

    I actually waited for this perfume to come in before meeting with my crush to talk lol. And now, this fragrance smells AMAZING. You just feel like such an untouchable queen. I’m not sure if hes more attracted to me from the pheromones or if it’s that I just feel more confident and sexy with this perfume on. however it’s working, I will take it!

    Nikki S.
    Pheromones… Are they the real deal? MY verdict is in….

    Since using this perfume, I've noticed that men are more attracted to me and approach me more often.

    An amazing pheromone indeed! So happy our formulations have been working for so many girls now! xx