Every Man's Weakness

Men love bitches because they're always ready to take charge. You might not think so, but men really do need somebody in their lives that's going balls out for them sometimes- especially when it comes down taking control and making the tough decisions on behalf of all those around you! A true petty officer will never ask "why me?" When everyone else seems confused by what is happening around them - he knows there'll be no problem resolution without his leadership skills being put forth fully... And this means something different from each individual person who possesses these qualities individually: some people may believe themselves capable leaders despite lacking confidence or abilities while other folks

Men love bitches because they're challenging. A good lawyer or doctor may be seen as boring by some, but others will appreciate their talent and skill set in what can often feel like an treadmill-like career path where you're always vying for advancement with other professionals who have similar backgrounds/ Experience levels 

In this passage I am making a distinction between the pejorative meaning of "bitch" (which typically carries negative connotations) vs its usage here -where it actually describes something positive: namely someone confident enough notShe's a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it with unyielding resolve. Her strength is ever so subtle, but no less powerful for its delicateness—she doesn't give up on herself or anyone else; if someone steps over the line, however briefly (and hopefully quickly), trust will be restored by standing upright against him/her until everything returns back into perspective again


She is a strong yet gentle woman who won't give up on life or men. She has an inner strength that she knows how to use, but doesn’t let anyone take advantage of it because they are always there for her when things get tough!


She knows how to remain calm and collected under pressure, which is something many women struggle with. In addition she has an inner strength that allows her not be emotionally drained by giving too much at once-- whereas "too nice" can lead others into drain themselves because they're always looking out for everyone else before themselves


A strong woman doesn’t needlessly sacrifice herself; instead there are times when we must draw boundaries in order preserve what little energy remains after exhausting ourselves helping others


Her calm and composed manner is the perfect balance to her fiery personality. Where other women might give too much, she knows when it’s time for them stop giving - so that they don't run out of energy or patience entirely!



The powerful woman is an independent thinker who derives great strength from the ability to be her own person, in spite of society's teaching about how women should behave. She doesn't live by anyone else’s standards but hers alone.

Demands Respect

This is a woman who demands respect, and she doesn't take any crap from anyone. She's intelligent but not afraid to show her emotions like vulnerability or love - even if it means making mistakes along the way because life happens! 


The women who are so loved by men possess an “edge” and this same edge, coincidentally? Turned out to be what males find magnetic. The difference is these days - instead looking outside ourselves for it -- we carry within ourself such qualities like toughness or resilience that once had been seen only on film roles playing strong female leads.

Men are drawn to this confident and fiery woman because she has an edge, but it's not something that she searches outside of herself. In fact the opposite can be said since inside all these attractive qualities lie dormant waiting for someone like him - somebody who will give them life again with their own two hands

Bitchy women are often loved by men and give off the same "edge" that they want. The difference is this time, it's coming from within themselves rather than externally looking for something else in order to feel complete like before-now when there was still some missing piece of who these ladies were or wanted be seen as having outside their own selves


She Knows She's The Prize

Men love prizes, especially when they’re female. To turn him into a believer and make him yours permanently keep these three things in mind: 

  1. Act like the prize herself- never be afraid to take charge or lead from your place as leader; 2 ) Always put yourself first even if he doesn't deserve it (but then again who does); 3)) Keep reminding him how much better life will be without accountability partners

You need to act like a prize and you’ll turn him into believer

The best way for men is not only from their perspective but also through building up that confidence in himself by making them believe what they want, which will then lead into it being easier of course!


Women are taught to be subservient, compliant and accepting of their surroundings since they were young. They're discouraged from speaking up or standing out as it may lead them into trouble but this new book is here for all those women who want more than just an average life- whether that means wanting power over one's self first before anything else; feeling confident about themselves on every level possible: mental health being at the forefront (and then some), physical well being too-- everything! This empowering concept will help you find your inner strength so when faced with challenges both big AND small.

The men who are so in love with this woman have a devil-may care attitude, but it's more than that. They say she has an edge - which is also what makes them fall head over heels! The difference between these two qualities? This person isn't looking for any outside approval or attention; instead her special something comes from within herself

Men have always had a weakness for the bad girl. Whether she’s sleeping her way to success or just knows how give something extra during sex, men can't help but be drawn into these calculate girls who seem like they're having fun with everything going on around them and donning that devil-may care attitude proudly as if it were an expensive dress code - because let's face it: sometimes life does feel more glamorous when you're living out one bodacious lifestyle after another!

Bitchy ladies may not know exactly what makes them so irresistible--but rest assured knowing there is nothing wrong.


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